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Cake Bombs

Beware: They’re explosively delicious.

Upon first bite, you will be transported through several dimensions of taste and delight!  Each Cake Bomb is hand-made – uniquely filled with complex layers of delicious goodness.  If you feel generous, they’re big enough to share.  Otherwise, they are the perfect individual indulgence to satisfy your sweet craving.

Though it may remind you of a cake pop, it will dazzle your senses in a way no cake pop ever could! At the center of each cake bomb is a decadent filling surrounded by a rich cake all enrobed in chocolate. We offer a variety of flavors and we are sure you will want to try them all! We have special seasonal offerings and we love experimenting so we periodically launch new flavors. Cake Bombs need to be refrigerated to maintain optimal quality.

$3.85 each | Call for event pricing.

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