Killa Bites was born in Ridgefield, Washington at a kitchen table much like your own, except this one was covered in cake bombs and popcorn. When life threw Laura lemons in the form of an ALS diagnosis for her husband, she needed a plan for her future.  She could make lemonade or, in this case, chocolate.  After months of recipe tweaking and taste-testing, Laura was ready to launch her sweet business. Armed with support from her family and friends, she embarked on a journey to make her dreams come true. Donna and her scrumptious biscotti joined the party and Killa Bites was launched. The ladies have since been busy baking and marketing their irresistible cake bombs, biscotti and popcorn since 2013.  Donna and Laura are passionate about good food.  They decided to share their passion and expanded their services and menu to begin offer catering in 2016.  Their fist catering job was a wedding for 250 guests with a menu of pecan-encrusted salmon with a lemon beurre blanc, prime rib, smoked gouda mashed potatoes, house made garlic rolls and a beautiful salad.  These ladies don't believe in starting small!

In 2018, Killa Bites moved into a kitchen in the Old View Ridge Middle School in Ridgefield.  A partnership with Ridgefield School District led Laura to work with a group of CAPS students to create a coffee shop inside The Ridgefield Administrative and Civic Center called The Birds and the Beans.  The coffee shop opened in October of 2019.  Laura continues to work with students enrolled in the CAPS program.  While the students are not baristas, they are involved in the management, operations and marketing of the coffee shop.